The Military Coup In Honduras - Info & Updates

Updated August 14, 2009

Demand the Reinstatement of Honduran President Zelaya

Urge your Representative to take a stand for democracy!

Updates On Honduras: HONDURAS OYE

More Links About Honduras

Obama tacitly backs military's takeover of Honduran democracy

Curfew imposed after Honduras protests

In Mexico, Zelaya Criticizes "Weakness" of the International Community

HONDURAS: Regime Says 'Yes' to Talks but Squelches Protests


Third Stage of Operation Crack the Coup: Popular Mobilization

Major Repression In Honduras; Curfew Still In Place After One Month

The Honduran Connection

Honduras disarray spurs lobbying

Honduras coup leaders under pressure as U.S. revokes visas

A Coup is a Coup is a Coup: March on Southern Command in Solidarity with the People of Honduras

A President Kicked Out, but Not Alone in Defiance

Coup Dictator Publishes OpEd In WSJ; U.S. Delegation Visits Coup Regime; State Dept. Supports Zelaya's Return Only If "Mutual" (If Coup Regime Agrees)

The Honduran Coup and the Clinton Connection

The Threads of the Story: Surreal Honduras

Armed Police Infiltrate Funeral of Murdered Zelaya Supporter, Human Rights Abuses Mount in Desperate Attempt to Repress Popular Uprising

Update Saturday 3pm: Zelaya At Honduran Border Again; Clinton Says He's "Reckless"

Zelaya Follower Tortured & Assassinated By Coup Regime In Honduras

Sat., July 25: Honduras Solidarity Protest at the U.S. Southern Command in Miami

A Military Coup is Violence; A President's Return is Restoration of Constitutional Order

Ousted Honduran leader returns home briefly


Honduras At Standstill; Arias Proposal Of "San Jose Agreement" Rejected By Both Parties

The high-powered hidden support for Honduras' coup

Honduras Talks Postponed; Zelaya Says "On His Way" To Honduras; Coup Regime Expels Venezuelans

Transport Workers to Boycott Honduran Ships

CENTRAL AMERICA: Shades of Coups Past - And Yet to Come?

Honduras' interim (coup) govt sends lobbying team to US

Honduras: Breakdown of Mediation Means More Pressure for U.S. to Act

Dept. Of State Agrees With Coup Regime In Honduras That "No Coup D'Etat" Has Taken Place; Says Should Be A Lesson To Zelaya Not To Follow Venezuela

Coup Regime Rejects Proposed Solution To Crisis In Honduras; Arias Calls For 72 More Hours To Resolve Or Face Civil War

Mediator Arias Calls For "Amnesty" For Coup Regime; Early Elections And Government Of "Reconciliation"

As Arias Proposes Coalition Government, National Front Against the Coup Vows to Keep Up Resistance

Updates: Zelaya On Route To Honduras; U.S. Pumping Up Military Bases In Colombia

U.S. continues to train Honduran soldiers

Washington & the Coup in Honduras: Here is the Evidence

Honduran group seeks help from U.S. to reinstate Zelaya

NAM countries condemn Honduras coup

The Criminal Right and the Obama Ultimatum

LAT, Arias: US Must Pressure Honduran Coup Leaders

Correct False Wall Street Journal Claim That Hondurans Support Coup

2 Honduras Activists Killed; Venezuelan Journalists Expelled; Coup Leaders Hire Top Democrat Lobbyists To Justify Their De Facto Government

Journalists From Telesur & Venezuela Detained By Coup Government In Honduras

Standing vigil at the U.S. embassy

Honduras Emergency Response Delegation Report

Mediation Hopes Slip as Coup Leader Returns to Honduras

SOA Watch Accompanying Resistance in Honduras

Fidel's Reflections on the Honduras Coup

In Rare U.S. Broadcast, Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya Discusses Coup, Costa Rica Talks, U.S. Role and More

Day 12: Nothing came Out Of Today's "Negotiation" Meeting In Costa Rica

Update from Tegucigalpa, SOA Watch 7 in Honduras!

Clinton Announces Mediation of Honduras Conflict, Zelaya Says Talks to "Plan Withdrawal of the Coup"

Day 10: Mtg With Clinton Over; Costa Rican President Oscar Arias Will Lead "Negotiations" With Coup Govt In Honduras

Day 10: President Zelaya In Washington To Meet With OAS And Secretary Of State Clinton At 1pm Today

Coup Leaders In Washington To Give Press Conference At National Press Club, Tues., July 7 at 3pm

The Role of the International Republican Institute (IRI) in the Honduran Coup

Clinton expected to meet Zelaya, U.S. official says

Day 9: President Zelaya In Nicaragua, Heading To Washington Tomorrow

Honduras coup leaders shut main airport

Video: Honduran Protesters Attacked & John Pilger on Honduras...

Day 8: Update 10PM: Zelaya Arrives In El Salvador; Confirms Meeting Tomorrow In Washington With Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton

Photos from July 5 in Honduras - Set 1

Photos from July 5 in Honduras - Set 2

BBC Video of Honduran Protesters At Airport on Sunday Awaiting Zelaya's Plane

Near Convergence Point: Marchers, President, Armed Forces Move toward Airport

Day 8: Coup Government Shuts Down All Airports In Honduras To Impede President

Honduran military told to turn back Zelaya's jet

SOA Watch to Join Honduran Social Movements

Day 7: Coup Government In Honduras Withdraws From OAS

Honduras rejects OAS appeal to restore president

Day 6: OAS Secretary General Heads To Honduras Today To Personally Give Ultimatum To Coup Government

Video: Protesters In Honduras Call For Zelaya's Return

Day 5: Mass Protests In Honduras Against Coup; Tens Of Thousands Marching On The Capital To Await President Zelaya's Return

Honduras Targets Protesters With Emergency Decree

Military Coup Leaders In Honduras Declare Martial Law

Text of UN Resolution and Call for International Support from Popular Resistance Front of Honduras

Zelaya Postpones Return, Mass Mobilization in the Country

Video: Generals Who Led Honduras Military Coup Trained at the School of the Americas

Honduran Rural Leader Rafael Alegria: "Some Battalions Are Refusing to Repress the Population"

Day 4: Pressure On The Obama Administration To Accept Coup In Honduras

Honduran Coup Moves from Failed Arguments to Repression, International Sanctions Imposed

Two Military Battalions Turn Against Honduras Coup Regime

Obama Must Strongly and Unequivocally Condemn the Coup in Honduras

Honduran army smothers media after coup

Resolution from the OAS Diplomatically Isolates Honduran Leaders



Resistance and Repression in Honduras (with photos)

Declarations from Via Campesina, Honduran Grassroots Organization

School of the Americas-Trained Military Detains and Expels Democratically-Elected President Zelaya

Military Commits Coup in Honduras - Protesters Need Our Support

Video: Angry Hondurans Confront Military During & After Coup

Obama's First Coup d'Etat: Honduran President has been Kidnapped: Updates 1, 2, 3

Key leaders of Honduras military coup trained in U.S.

Updates: Postcards from the Revolution | Americas MexicoBlog | | SOA Watch

Photos by Miguel Yuste, El Pais. -SOA Watch

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