Journalists From Telesur & Venezuela Detained By Coup Government In Honduras

VTV and Telesur Journalists arrested by De Facto Regime in Honduras
By Eva Golinger, Postcards from the Revolution, July 12, 2009

On Saturday night, reporters and correspondents from Telesur and Venezolana de Television (VTV) were arrested by the de facto regime in Honduras.

During the arrest, the journalists were subjected to a review of their documents, under threat of expulsion from Honduras by police loyal to the dictatorial government.

They were freed after the Foreign Minister of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, intervened.

The Telesur team is currently being protected by the Venezuelan embassy in Honduras while the VTV team will return to the hotel where they were originally staying, though still under the threat of expulsion this afternoon.

The coup forces that arrested them told them to leave country because "there is nothing for them to report on in Honduras".

The coup in Honduras is consolidating more each day, as failed "negotiations" continue in Costa Rica and Washington stalls, giving space for the de facto regime to gain political ground internationally. Last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, representatives from the coup regime were received warmly by the US Congress. On Friday, Congress held hearings on the Honduran coup, inviting - of all people - war hawk Otto Reich to provide expert testimony on the situation. A group of US congress members are promoting a resolution to support the coup and recognize the de fact regime. Unfortunately, President Zelaya has been either "captivated" by the Department of State or simply believes that his political future depends on his subordinate position towards Washington, since yesterday he made statements on Telesur excusing the US Government from any role in the coup.

But the US Government role is evident and amply documented. See all my prior posts! (and more to come...)

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