Day 9: President Zelaya In Nicaragua, Heading To Washington Tomorrow

By Eva Golinger, Postcards from the Revolution, July 6, 2009

President Zelaya arrived back in Nicaragua today. He is expected to fly to Washington tomorrow and meet with the Organization of American States (OAS) again, as well as participate in a meeting with "high level" State Department officials. Yesterday, Zelaya had stated he was meeting with the State Department today, Monday, and news sources confirmed this meeting would be with Secretary Clinton. However, today, the State Department spokesperson, Ian Kelly, only affirmed that President Zelaya was expected back in Washington on Tuesday, and plans were underway to organize a meeting with "high level" State Department officials. It is unclear at this point if that means the Secretary of State or those under her command.

Today the coup de facto government in Honduras sent a delegation of representatives to Washington to apparently engage in talks with the OAS, to discuss reestablishing relations. Yesterday, coup de facto leader Roberto Micheletti was pretty clear about refusing to negotiate the return of President Zelaya, and today, that was confirmed by Micheletti's "foreign minister", who said that everything was negotiable "except Zelaya's return to Honduras".

The US government is allowing this commission of coup representatives, involved in high crimes of treason, violation of human rights, kidnapping of a head of state, forced exile and murder, to travel into the country, apparently with US visas. Why? The US uses visa policy to exclude foreigners all the time for ideological reasons and many other reasons. So why are they allowing criminals to come visit Washington?

Protesters against the coup and in favor of President Zelaya's immediate unconditional return are still in the streets in Honduras. However, they are subject to a very strict curfew that begins at 6:30pm and ends at 6am, so movement is very difficult.

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