Zelaya Follower Tortured & Assassinated By Coup Regime In Honduras

By Eva Golinger, Postcards from the Revolution, July 25, 2009

During the protests yesterday against the coup regime in Honduras, a curfew was imposed at noon that remains in place throughout the day and night today, Saturday. A large group of hundreds of protesters was detained in the El Paraiso region by armed forces under orders of the coup regime and prevented from reaching the border with Nicaragua, where President Manuel Zelaya was attempting his second entry into the country since his ouster one month ago.

The police and army repressing the people in El Paraiso fired tear gas, bullets and detained dozens of protesters. Violence erupted during the protests in reaction to the brutal force imposed by the coup regime. There are reports from the protesters in El Paraíso that the coup forces are preparing a nearby stadium to use for large-scale detentions. This would be reminiscent of the dictatorships in Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay in the 1970s that used stadiums to detain, disappear, torture and execute tens of thousands of leftists.

Throughout the repression, several protesters disappeared. One was found this morning around 6 AM, dead, with clear signs of torture and execution. Pedro Ezequiel, 28 years old, was identified by a resident of El Paraíso, who also claimed he had been detained by the police and army forces on Friday afternoon. His body was found this morning thrown by a roadside near the Nicaraguan border. There were signs of torture on his hands and body. Story in Spanish here.

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