PALESTINE Fundraiser, Dinner and Concert at NC State Fairgrounds

PALESTINE Fundraiser, Dinner and Concert

Saturday, June 13, 2009
6:30pm to midnight
Exposition Center N.C. State Fairgrounds

1025 Blue Ridge Road
Raleigh, NC

We have all seen, heard, and felt with the people of Palestine through these last 61 years of occupation. We have protested, demonstrated, cried, wrote, sang, danced, argued, and fought for Palestine through any avenue we chose. We raised awareness and continue to raise awareness. But we also keep WAITING for others to help. Now is the opportunity where we can directly help the men, women, children, families and land of Palestine. Please join us for a night dedicated to our Holy Land. It will be our first step in putting our community back near the top where it belongs. Though this event is primarily and strictly motivated for raising funds for Palestine, it is sure to also be a great evening of entertainment, fun, and brotherhood.

-Full Dinner will be provided.
-Performances from our local community.
-Special guest keynote speaker
-Palestinian gifts and memorabilia available.
-Palestine United Dabkeh Group


MAHER HALABI concert!!!
-large dance area will be provided for everyone to get up and enjoy the show!

TICKETS: $40 - includes dinner and full admission
- tickets are going quick so please make sure to get yours ASAP.

Raleigh- Feras Abdelquader
Jamaal Ali (aka Jamaal Jameel)
Hanadee Ali
Julie Abdelrahman
Raaid Abdel-Ghani
GiGi Hamdan
Hayat Shawwa
Also Available at Sahara Cafe

Durham- Rami Ghanayem

Chapel Hill- Deana Qadura

Rocky Mount- Rimah Alwan

Greenville- Feras Abdelquader

Charlotte- Hani Alkhaldi


-If you are interested in volunteering please contact Julie Abdelrahman or GiGi Hamdan.

-For any questions including inquiries regarding sponsorship or donation information please contact:

Feras Abdelquader: 919-538-9583
Rami Ghanayem: 919-618-2864

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