May 10: War in Pakistan-Made in USA!

Protest the visit of Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari to NYC

Sunday, May 10
2:30 pm to 6:00 pm
45 Street & Madison Avenue in Manhattan

Called by the Pakistan-USA Freedom Forum

U.S. Hands Off Pakistan!

The visit of Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari to the U.S. comes as the U.S. government is escalating the war against the people of Afghanistan and increasing attacks against the people of Pakistan. Rather than ending the war for oil and conquest, Washington is launching new attacks - in the last few days, U.S. bombs have killed more than 100 civilians in Afghanistan, and the Pakistan is facing a growing barrage of attacks by U.S. bombers, drones, missiles and Special Forces.

President Zardari and and Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai were brought to Washington this week to build support for increased military action and to shore up support for the $94 billion “supplemental” bill, to pay for the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has suffered for decades under a series of military dictatorships supported by Washington and the Pentagon. Under President Musharraf and President Zardari, under the pretense of cooperating with the U.S. war on terror, Pakistan security forces have engaged in mass arrests and killings aimed at silencing the peoples' opposition.

Join us to say:

U.S. Hands OFF Pakistan!
U.S. Out of the Middle East!

International Action Center

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