Community Rally "No to UNJUST evictions! REOCCUPY OUR HOMES!"

No to UNJUST evictions!

October 31, 2011

Stonewall Jackson Homes

5751 Airport Rd
Charlotte, NC 28208

In June 2011, the company TriTex bought the Stonewall Jackson Homes Community. Now they are trying to evict us all, to sell the property. At the same time, when they bought the property, they stopped giving tenants 12 month leases. If they knew at this time that they were going to sell the community, why didn’t they let us know? They waited until the beginning of October to tell us we had 30 days to leave. Included in this mass evictions are families with leases that have not expired. This is a violation of the law. Now they are kicking everyone out with no options on where to go. This is a violation of our human rights! REOCCUPY OUR HOMES!

Enough with the attacks on poor families!
Enough with the attacks against immigrant families!
Let us say NO to the abuses & YES to our dignity!
Let us say NO to the abuses & YES to our children!
They will not evict my family nor my neighbors’ families!

UPDATE: We've decided to cancel the protest. The tenants will be able to stay. Thanks to everyone who put in hard work to help these renters. Thanks to everyone who supports them. Thank you Creative Loafing for such a great article. This definitely helped.

In 2 weeks, we will hold a party to celebrate this great victory and to acknowledge the hard work that these tenants put in and their development as great leaders for their community.

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