Video of Cindy Sheehan in Charlotte, NC on July 17, 2007

Video of Gold Star Dad Carlos Arredondo in Charlotte July 17

Americans Speak Out with Journey For Humanity July 17

Citizens Speak Out about Police with Journey For Humanity in Charlotte

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Press coverage of Cindy Sheehan in Charlotte.


  1. Excellent video. Glad Cindy is promoting the truth about this war and glad her message was heard!

  2. Great video. The more I hear comfortable people say that Cindy is "off base", the more I realize that the war makers are scared of the real possibility that she represents--that people will defect en masse from this rotten political system and start acting independent of the killing confines of politics as usual. The PR machine is running overtime, and the militantly ignorant morons like the GOE are being whipped up and promoted, precisely because Cindy is SO right and they are SO scared of people acting on the basis of TRUTH rather than lies.

    We need a million Cindys!