Press Coverage of Cindy Sheehan Rallies in Charlotte

A friend of ACJ filmed the noon rally at Rep Mel Watt's office & the entire afternoon rally at Bryant Park & Talley's Green Grocery. Part of the video will be ready today and the rest tomorrow. We will post it at & send it to the list as soon as it is available. Below are some press reports about the day's events - very skewed & some "misreporting" - as usual. The Charlotte Observer did the best job but none of them mentioned that Charlotte Mecklenburg Police refused to keep counter-protesters seperated from our rally, as CMPD is required to do according to the city's picketing ordinance. This caused organizers to have to move the rally to a private business so Cindy Sheehan could speak.

I will be sending out a press release/statement soon concerning yesterday's events. Lawyers with the National Lawyers Guild & NC ACLU are aware of & monitoring the events of July 17 and several other protests in Charlotte. They have offered to help & are eager to do so.

A big thanks to everyone that came & everyone that supported us but couldn't make. We would particulary like to thank CODEPINK Charlotte, Talley's Green Grocery & Charlotte Energy Solutions for help they provided and/or offered as well as the many other people & groups that helped promoted this event.

All of these sources also have video on thier site.

Charlotte Observer




News 14

David Dixon, Coordinator
Action Center For Justice

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