Oct. 30 March Against anti-immigrant, anti-poor HB 318

Friday, October 30 at 6:00 PM

Gather at Marshall Park
800 E. 3rd St
Charlotte, NC

March To The Government Center

This past Wed., Oct. 28, Gov. McCrory turned North Carolina into a national symbol of hate. He signed HB 318.

This is the bill that we've been talking about. The one that would prevent immigrants from using the most common forms of ID. The one that will now ensure that immigrants don't trust local police, making all of us less safe. Yep, this historic anti-immigrant, anti-poor bill is now officially approved by our governor. (He even said he was proud to sign it. Proud?!?!)
All eyes are on us. North Carolinians need to show Gov. McCrory, NC legislators, and those attacking immigrants across the country that our communities refuse to be deprived of dignity and respect.

On Friday at 6pm, our community activists Rosalba and Jessica are leading a march to the Government Center. (Details here.)

Latin American Coalition


H.B. 318 will force more residents struggling to find and keep a job into deeper hunger and poverty by denying access for tens of thousands of childless adults to the federally-funded Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as food stamps. H.B. 318 will prohibit the state from getting waivers to federal time limits on such benefits despite the fact that unemployment remains high enough in 77 of North Carolina’s 100 counties to qualify and no state money would be affected by the change.

H.B. 318 will make the already difficult job of local police to protect the public even harder by forcing them to prioritize the enforcement of federal immigration law over common-sense policing and by discouraging crime victims and witnesses from interacting with police to help solve and prevent crimes. H.B. 318 will make the simple act of establishing the identity of North Carolina residents with whom they interact on a daily basis more difficult not only for law enforcement but for courts, clerks, or other government officials.

Meanwhile, H.B. 318 will make it easier for abusive employers to use the threat of deportation to keep workers from speaking up about unsafe working conditions or unpaid wages, thereby undermining the wage standards and working conditions of all working people in North Carolina.

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