September 5: Raleigh Forum on Economic Crisis and G20

Fight for jobs, human rights, education, and an end to imperialist wars!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

12:00pm - 1:30pm

The Richard B. Harrison Library

1313 New Bern Avenue
Raleigh, NC

Sponsored by Triangle F.I.S.T. and the Bail Out the People Movement
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"If you don't have a job, fight to get one-
If you have one, fight to keep it"

"A new world is possible, but we must fight for it."

Unemployment, especially of youth and people of color, is skyrocketing, despite the misrepresentation in the mainstream media that unemployment is still low*. Many, many more are underemployed, often having to work two, even three jobs to barely make ends meet. Even more do not receive adequate benefits, such as affordable health insurance, from employment.

Many of those fortunate enough to have jobs are facing forced cuts in hours, pay, and benefits. Tuition is increasing and financial aid options are decreasing whilst class sizes continue increasing and the quality of education is decreasing.

On September 24-25, delegates from the 20 countries with the largest economies and delegates from the IMF and WTO will gather in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the G20 summit to discuss how they can further further corporate and imperialist interests.

To protest the G20, a Tent City march will occur outside from September 20-25.

Protests will commence with a mass March for Jobs on Sunday, September 20, where we will fight for jobs at a living wage for all.

On August 29, 2009, a panel of speakers will present on the aforementioned various issues working class people are facing in relation to the G20 (youth issues, unemployment, workplace oppression, along with general information on the G20) and answer your questions

Triangle F.I.S.T. and Bail Out the People Movement NC are organizing a caravan from NC to Pittsburgh for the march and summit. More information will be provided at this forum.

So, invite all your friends and build the movement!

*mainstream unemployment figures only take into account those who are still actively searching for jobs, not taking into account people who have withdrawn from the job market, are underemployed, and/or have resorted to working 2-3 part time jobs to make ends meet.

This is even worse for youth, as: “Only 65 of every 100 men aged 20 through 24 years old were working on any given day in the first six months of this year. … For male teenagers, the numbers were disastrous: only 28 of every 100 males were employed in the 16 through 19-year-old age group. For minority teenagers, forget about it. The numbers are beyond scary; they’re catastrophic.” (source

**NOTE: This forum is for anyone who's interested in the economic crisis at hand, unemployment, tuition hikes, budget cuts, repression in the workplace, and how to fight the increased burdens being placed on the backs of working people, NOT just people who are interested in going to the G20 march and/or tent city.

If you need a ride, we will provide it for you.**

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