Support NC Public Workers: Help HOPE make history!

The campaign for collective bargaining for North Carolina's public employees has moved forward in significant steps (as our latest newsletter shows)!

With your help, we have accomplished two big advances already in 2009:

1. In the state Senate, our bill got a hearing before the State and Local Government Committee on 26 May as public employees and our allies gathered from across the state to visit legislators. This historic advance of a Senate committee hearing marks another step forward for the bill.

2. We built three local committees in Charlotte, Fayetteville, and Down East (centered around Pitt and Martin counties). By educating the public, recruiting allies, and pressuring their legislators, the committees have begun building the grassroots power we need to win.

Now, as the General Assembly moves toward the close of this session, we ask you to please do three things right away:

1. Sign on to our letter to legislators with your current contact information, and ask others to do the same, for full human rights for the workers who serve the public.

2. Read the latest HOPE newsletter and share it with others.

3. Make a contribution at (scroll down to the donate button on the right hand side of the page) or by check (using the address below) to help build this campaign. Printing information, mailing it, making phone calls, and sending organizers across the state takes money. Contributions from core groups and individuals make this work possible.

We have listed these three things in priority order. Most important and most urgent: sign on to the letter now with your contact information. Thank you!

Onward toward victory,

Tom Harris (for the HOPE Operations Committee)

HOPE Coalition Core Members:
American Association of University Professors/NC; American Federation of Teachers/NC; International Union of Police Associations; NC Association of Educators;
NC State AFL-CIO; National Association of Social Workers - NC Chapter;
Professional Firefighters and Paramedics of NC; Service Employees International Union;
State Employees Association of NC, SEIU Local 2008; Teamsters Local 391;
UE Local 150 - NC Public Service Workers Union

Hear Our Public Employees Coalition
P.O. Box 12133, Raleigh, North Carolina 27605
1408 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, NC 27605

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