Newly-elected District Attorney Chisolm can act now to save Troy Davis' life

Courts refuse to hear the full case that may prove Troy's innocence. But if an innocent man is executed, then who will be held responsible for the murder of police officer Mark MacPhail?

Urge District Attorney Chisholm To Re-Open The Murder Investigation

The Supreme Court will soon look at Troy Davis' petition for a new trial. While we will be disappointed if the courts once again fail to intervene in a case that is so overwhelmed with doubt and a lack of evidence, Troy needs us to keep knocking on doors until one finally opens up.

Savannah's new District Attorney, Larry Chisolm, elected in 2008 on similar principles as President Obama, could be that opportunity. During Chisolm's bid for District Attorney, he laudably pledged to "increase the sense of fairness and transparency in the prosecution function." If there ever was a case that required both fairness and transparency, then this is it. Urge District Attorney Chisolm to make good on his pledge by re-opening Troy's case.

At the heart of this case is a brutal murder of a police officer that could go unpunished if an innocent man is put to death. The District Attorney has the power to re-open the investigation into this crime for which Troy was convicted. Only once we have all the facts on the table, can the courts truly begin to assess the fate of Troy Davis.

At this point, no court has bothered to answer:
* why seven of nine prosecution witnesses have recanted or contradicted their testimony?
* why no physical evidence links Troy to the murder?
* why one of the two final witnesses has been implicated in many sworn statements as the real killer of officer Mark MacPhail?
Ask District Attorney Chisolm to re-open the investigation to uncover the truth behind officer MacPhail's murder.

You only have to look to May 19th, the Global Day of Action for Troy Davis, to grasp just how much more there is to this case than meets the eye. Supporters across the U.S. joined voices with advocates from 14 different countries around the globe to demand real action for Troy.

Your actions continue to mean so much. In fact, Troy Davis and his sister, Martina Correia, were so touched by the outpouring of your support that they joined a call with Amnesty activists and staff to give their 'thank yous' in person. Listen to Troy Davis' message to Amnesty activists (MP3).

We don't know how much longer this fight for Troy's life is going to last. But as long as there are people who can intervene to save Troy's life, then we will keep pushing for justice.

Remind District Attorney Chisolm there is still time to make good on his pledge.

In Solidarity,

Sue Gunawardena-Vaughn
Director, Death Penalty Abolition Campaign
Amnesty International USA

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