May Day Rally for Jobs, Housing, Workers, & Immigrants Rights

YES to: Jobs, Housing, Pro-Worker Immigration Reform & Money for the People!
NO to: Raids, Deportations, 287(g), Imprisonment, Forced migration, Labor export, racism, Foreclosures, Bank Bail Outs!

Friday, May 1, 2009
Bank Of America HQ
Trade St & Tryon St
Charlotte, NC

March to Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center & Mecklenburg Co Jail - Central around 6:00pm

On May 1st, join us and help build a movement to fight for the rights of working people. Join billions around the world who also demonstrate on May Day to build a powerful global movement that fights against the dire economic and social crisis people face here and around the world.

For more info email or call (704) 492-5226.

Immigrant Workers Rights Project

Action Center For Justice

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