Proposed N.C. cuts: From road repair to libraries, Feb. 3, 2009

N.C. Gov. Bev Perdue ordered state agencies to propose budget cuts in anticipation of a budget shortfall that could reach $2 billion – or nearly 10percent of the state's $21.5 billion operating budget. Here are some examples of programs, services and line items that agencies suggest cutting. The dollar figures represent the amount agencies believe they can trim. Perdue was unhappy with the proposals and has ordered deeper cuts.

Department of Environment and Natural Resources

Reduce beaver management funds: $134,000

End aid to counties and cities for erosion control: $100,000

End aid to counties for mosquito control: $37,000

Fewer meetings of Marine Fisheries Commission: $5,500

No replacement of zoo trams: $208,000

Crime Control and Public Safety

Cuts to Guest Worker Program (designed to educate non-English-speaking population of North Carolina about their obligation to pay state taxes): $450,000

Close two regional offices of N.C. Council for Women & Domestic Violence Commission: $74,600

Reduce grants to rape crisis shelters: $211,000

Department of Correction

Reduce drug testing frequency among inmates: $130,000

Close McCain Correctional Hospital in Raeford: $15.5million

Eliminate program to train inmates in forestry work: $263,470

Close Gates Correctional Center near Gatesville, the Haywood Correctional Center in Waynesville and the Union Correctional Center in Monroe: $3.4 million

Close the Umstead Correctional Center in Butner and the Cleveland Correctional Center in Shelby: $4.6 million

Eliminate the Wilmington Female Residential facility: $514,854

Eliminate three chaplain positions: $155,264

Department of Transportation

Reduce funding for road repair and maintenance by 8percent: $54 million

Cut back on ferry operations: $2.2 million

Reduce funds for airports and railroads: $2.7 million

Department of Commerce

Cut funds for in-state travel, lodging, meals: $131,000

Reduce funds for out-of-state and international travel, lodging and meals: $137,000

Reduce gasoline purchases (for travel): $141,000

Cut advertising budget: $218,500

Department of Health and Human Services

Cut total of 50 beds from Broughton and Cherry psychiatric hospitals: $6 million

Close Wright and Whitaker schools for emotionally disturbed children and adolescents: $5.8 million

Reduce aid and public assistance for high risk maternity clinics: $250,000

Reduce Smart Start funding: $14.7 million

Eliminate senior center outreach and development program: $100,000

Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

End state sponsorship for after-school programs: $5.9million

End grant to Wake County Boys and Girls Club: $400,000

Department of Cultural Resources

Reduce funding to local libraries: $16.5 million

Cut local arts funding: $6.5million

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