April 23-26: Join the Fast to Close the SOA/WHINSEC!

On April 23rd through the 26th, thousands across the Americas will vigil, fast, organize and pray to close the SOA/WHINSEC. Vigils and fasts will take place from Nashville, Tennessee to Bogota, Colombia - from Oaxaca, Mexico to Chico, California. Events will take place in seven Latin American countries and all across the United States. We need you to join us. Fasts will also take place in 10 U.S. prisons where the SOAW 11 are scheduled to start serving prison sentences in the following weeks.

Thanks to your great work last year, we had 100 events across the Americas. These efforts pushed a vote in Congress and brought us within six votes of closing the school. Your vigils, fasts and events are critical this year as these events will increase our visibility as a movement and keep pressure on Congress.

Can you do something individually or within community to challenge the SOA/WHINSEC this April 23rd-26th? Everyone can do something. You can fast by yourself for a day, vigil with others on the steps of your city's federal building or your local post office, or set up a meeting with your member of Congress urging her or him to sign on to HR 1707. Groups will hold screenings of SOA Watch videos at a house party or do a presentation in a class to show why we are hungry for justice. Some folks will fast for the entire duration of the events while others will include the victims of the SOA/WHINSEC in a prayer service.

Please let us know here in D.C. what you plan on doing - we will post your individual actions and group events on our website so our movement's actions will be united from Chile to Minnesota. Please e-mail Simon Albrecht at simon(at)soaw(dot)org or call 202-234-3440 to let us know what you are doing. Be sure to download the April Fast Organizing Packet - I think that you'll find everything you need to vigil or fast are within its pages. Together, we will shut it down. Read more about the April Fast.

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