Protesters Kick Off Orange Drive Out The Bush Regime! action in Charlotte, NC

By David Dixon
Action Center For Justice
July 29, 2007

A group of people kicked off Declare It Now Orange Fridays: Drive Out The Bush Regime! in Charlotte , NC at the busy intersection of 7th St & Pecan Ave on Friday, July 27.

Support from passersby was overwhelming. It was incredible, so many people smiling, waving, giving us a thumbs up, and car horns filled the air in response to the bright orange “Honk For Impeachment” signs. Several people walking by said beep, beep to us show us support. One man driving by was so happy to see us out there that after laying on his horn while passing by, he came back and brought us drinks & ice.

A lot of times, our street rallies only last about an hour, but due to the excitement from all the public support, two and half hours quickly passed by before we decided to wrap it up.

We were able to tell quite a few people in their cars stopped at the red light, in addition to the people on foot & bike, about wearing orange everyday & gathering every Friday. People showed a lot of enthusiasm for the idea.

Although we focused on encouraging people to take a visible, public stand for impeachment with us, we also collected signatures for an impeachment petition & contact info.

We will gather every Friday in CHarlotte at 5:30pm at the same location. We expect to have hundreds of people standing with us soon on Fridays, Declaring It Now, Wearing Orange & determined to Drive Out The Bush Regime!

The Declare It Now: Wear Orange! Drive Out The Bush Regime actions were called nationally by World Can't Wait.

For info on Charlotte, NC actions see Action Center For Justice at or call 704-492-8527.

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