Boycott Hate DJ Jeff Katz's Advertisers

Petition for the Boycott of Businesses who Support WBT’s Jeff Katz Show

In light of the Islamophobic and hate-filled programming on WBT 1110 AM’s Jeff Katz show, a boycott is being called for all advertisers that have a financial relationship with Jeff Katz. Since the arrival of Jeff Katz at WBT there seems to be a move to profit off ignorance and hate at the expense of the Muslim Community. We are calling on people of faith, conscience and decency to boycott those that financially support this purveyor of hate. The boycott can be enacted by signing this petition on-line (or paper), and/or calling the businesses and not shopping with the advertisers. This petition is being sponsored by the Islamic Political Party of America (IPPA) and is inspired by the U.N.’s ‘Stop the Hate’ campaign.

Read the rest & sign the petition, click here.

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