Scott Ritter on Preventing U.S. Attack on Iran

Scott Ritter on Preventing U.S. Attack on Iran

Scott Ritter recently met with the Iranian ambassador to the US in
NYC. He announced this on April 18th during his speech at the War
Memorial in Indianapolis. Ritter outlined a plan to prevent the US
from attacking Iran and to scuttle US attempts to plant a "missile
defense shield" in Europe. The two part plan would involve Iran
opening up its nuclear program for inspections along with an Iranian
call for a regional ballistic missile disarmament program that would
include Israel.

He said that the US has decided to attack Iran, but felt that the war
could be prevented by influencing public opinion, primarily European.
"The American public is not going to wake up over night, don't hold
your breath," he said.

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Coming: Q and A with Scott Ritter, with his discussion of media
"conspiracy" of silence, including its turning a blind eye to US
(CIA) funding of al-Qaeda associated groups in Lebanon to fight
against Iranian backed Hezbollah, as originally reported by Seymour
Hersh. (Now it appears that the US - in that it funds Pakistani
operations in the tribal areas - has been supporting Pakistani
military assistance for the Taliban in their efforts to kill Uzbek
militants. The Taliban have been attacking Uzbeks "because of their
reluctance to kill American troops."
See "Taliban All Over," The Economist, April 12, 2007.

Why have US troops been dying in Iraq - we're told as part of a "war
against terror" directed at al-Qaeda - when the US has been funding
al-Qaeda in Lebanon? Why has the media been silent about this? And
why is the US supporting the Taliban's war against militants who do
not want to attack US troops?

The Scott Ritter program was sponsored by Veterans for Peace, Indiana
Chapter #49, Indianapolis Peace House & Plowshares,
Indianapolis Peace and Justice Center, and Traprock Peace Center.

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