Protesters Dog Bush In Greensboro, NC

Greensboro, NC
Protesters Dog Bush in North Carolina
By David Dixon

When President George Bush came to North Carolina on Oct 18, he was met by protesters all through the day.

He came to the predominantly African-American Waldo C Falkener Elementary School to tout the supposed success of his No Child Left Behind Act. Some 45 people showed up to demonstrate against his policies of endless war, torture, neglect of Rita/Katrina victims, and dishonesty. One protester held a sign that said “No child left a dime! (behind)” to highlight his tax cuts for the wealthy & gutting of social programs for working & poor people.

Afterwards, Bush was greeted by a group of protesters in Randleman, NC when he went to the Victory Junction Gang Camp, founded by Nascar’s Kyle Petty.

Then came the real life nightmare on Elm St when Bush came back to Greensboro to a wealthy enclave near Elm St & Sunset Dr to attend a private republican fundraiser where he raised over $900,000. It was held at the home of Louis DeJoy, CEO of New Breed Inc & Aldona Wos, the U.S. ambassador to Estonia. People are so disgusted with Bush & his policies that even some people in the neighborhood joined the protest.

Some 130 people came out demanding Bush be jailed for his war crimes & subversion of our constitutional rights. It was a lively protest with drummers keeping everyone’s spirits & energy up. People chanted to the beat of the drums saying, “There’s a killer in the White House, time to drive his ass out!” (the favorite of the day), “End the occupation”, Bush is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s, this war is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s.”

When protesters attempted to march into the neighborhood to demonstrate in front of the fundraiser, a line of cops formed. Progressive attorney Louis Pitts, after speaking with police, informed the crowd our rights were being violated. Police claimed the area was a “secure area” but were allowing cars to drive in and Bush supporters were visibly on the sidewalk ahead. Demonstrators held an impromptu street meeting to decide what to do next.

Before the discussion ended, police had closed off the entire street. It was decided not to risk arrest & police violence by crossing the line and the protest continued as people marched around the busy intersection. However, several protesters were able to sneak around the block & protest at the fundraiser.

Some signs at the demonstration included “Arrest Bush”, “Arrest the Terrorist”, “Drive Out The Bush Regime”, “1776: Patriots v George III; 2006: Patriots v George W”, “Torture hurts, don’t do it, not in my name, thank you” (referring to religious beliefs) In addition, the peace ribbon, honoring “coalition” soldiers & Iraqis killed in war, was on display. There was a makeshift jail with Bush inside, a towering orange arrest warrant, a hula-hooper for peace, a black coffin with “Roe v Wade” painted on the side, and a large pink banner saying “Impeach to support our troops.”

Almost all the protesters wore an orange ribbon and some dressed in orange to show their opposition to the recently passed Military Commissions Act of 2006 which legalizes torture. The act also strips away the right to habeas corpus to anyone Bush declares an enemy combatant, among many other unconstitutional aspects of this new law.

The protest was organized primarily by Greensboro World Can’t Wait, with the support of Action Center For Justice & Char-Meck Code Pink. People from around NC participated including the city’s of Charlotte, Reidsville, Kernersville, Burlington, Wilmington, Winston-Salem, & Chapel Hill.

The protest was covered by a couple local news stations and Greensboro’s News & Record. As usual, they under reported the number of people & ignored many of the most significant statements & details of this incredible display of disillusionment with the Bush regime.

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Carol Marley contributed to this report.

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