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President’s motorcade draws groups of protesters to route

By Amy Dominello
Staff Writer

GREENSBORO — As President Bush toured the Triad on Wednesday, protesters were almost always nearby.

About two dozen protestors gathered outside Falkener Elementary School in Greensboro, waiting for his 2 p.m. arrival.

Protesters carried signs that read "War criminal" and "Drive out the Bush regime." A small, makeshift jail cell was set up with an effigy of Bush inside.

As Bush’s motorcade left the school, protestors waved signs and chanted "Killer in the White House, time to drive his a-- out."

A small group also protested in Randleman as Bush visited the Victory Junction Gang Camp.

The biggest group — about 50 protesters — lined North Elm Street and Sunset Drive in Greensboro, near where Bush attended a fundraising dinner.

The Rev. Charles Hawes, 68, a former Episcopal chaplain at UNCG and Guilford College, lives nearby and heard Bush would be in his neighborhood.

"I wanted to show there were others in the neighborhood who were not so welcoming," said Hawes, holding a sign that read "Shame."

The group The World Can’t Wait! — which helped organize some of the protests — said the fundraiser supported Bush’s "torture" policies regarding prisoners in Guantanamo. Many wore orange ribbons or clothes in protest.

Tina Mercado, 48, brought her daughter Talia, 10, who was dressed in an orange jumpsuit.

Mercado, of Reidsville, said it was important for her daughter to learn about Bush’s policies.

"He lies, and he wants war to happen, and that’s not the right thing," Talia said.

Staff writer Jason Hardin contributed to this report.

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  1. This is Good News indeed. Thank you Charlotte for your action and letting Bush INC. know we want him out of the White House for his crimes against humanity and my constitution
    Sara Williams
    Columbia, SC