Protect Civil Liberties - Defend Right To Protest The G20 Meeting in Pittsburgh

As we prepare to protest the G-20 in solidarity with the people of the world who are experiencing the ruinous effects of globalization and war, we in Pittsburgh need your solidarity now too. We are facing the repression of the G-20 national security state, which is using propaganda and political tactics in an attempt to SCARE PEOPLE AWAY and SQUASH OUR RIGHTS TO PROTEST.

We will not be shut down – we are determined to hold mass, nonviolent and constitutionally permitted protests because we not only have the right to protest but WE HAVE AN OBLIGATION TO THE PEOPLES OF THE WORLD. But we need your help as we prepare in all likelihood to launch a federal court case against the Secret Service and the City for our protests, as well as to defeat repressive big-brotherish legislation introduced in City Council by the Mayor (most likely taking his cue from the Federal Government).

Please take a moment to make a quick couple of calls and emails now as we continue the struggle for EVERYBODY’s civil and human rights. This struggle has been a good one, garnering public support for the protests and gathering momentum – let’s step it up a notch and keep opening up the political space for all.


Pete Shell
Pittsburgh Thomas Merton Center Antiwar Committee


Yesterday's public hearing on G20 free speech went well with the City Council. And from that, we anchored today's front page in the Post Gazette (! But we need to keep the pressure on to preserve, advocate for our civil liberties and win permits for the G20 demonstrations and educational activities.

1. Call, fax and email the members of the Pittsburgh City Council. Please ask them respectfully but firmly that:

- Do not pass Ordinances 2009 1708 and 1709 which criminalize intent when carrying certain materials or wearing masks. Reaffirm these ordinances can be used to repress free speech, violate search and seizure laws, facilitate preemptive arrests, and give too much latitude to law enforcement to determine intent in a high pressure environment.

- Pass the Pro-Democracy Resolution ( and affirm that Pittsburgh welcomes dissent and those that oppose the G20.

- Ask Representative Peduto to sponsor the Pro-Democracy Resolution in the City Council as he said he would do at Wednesday's public hearing.

Email each representative by clicking on their picture here:
District 5, Council President Doug Shields Phone: 412-255-8965 
Fax: 412-255-0820
District 1, Darlene Harris Phone: 412-255-2135
 Fax: 412-255-2129
District 2, Teresa Kail-Smith Phone: 412-255-8963 Fax: 412-255-2821
District 3, Bruce Kraus Phone: 412-255-2130 Fax: 412-255-8950
District 4, Jim Motznik Phone: 412-255-2131 Fax: 412-255-2821
District 6, Tonya Payne Phone: 412-255-2134
 Fax: 412-255-0737
District 7, Patrick Dowd Phone: 412-255-2140 
Fax: 412-255-2419
District 8, William Peduto Phone: 412-255-2133
 Fax: 412-255-0738
District 9, Rev. Ricky Burgess Phone: 412-255-2137 
Fax: 412-255-8658

2. Call the Mayor's Office and firmly demand the prompt and full granting of the G20 demonstration permits.
Mayor Luke Ravenstahl Phone: 412-255-2626
 Fax: 412-255-2687


Chief of Staff Yarone Zober
 Phone: 412-255-2636 Fax: 412-255-2687


Director of Public Safety
 Mike Huss
 Phone: 412-255-8615

After you make phone calls or get email responses back, let us know how it went. This is a fast-moving issue, and any real-time responses we can get will help.

Thank you for being active and speaking out!
For more information contact the G20 Media Support Team at

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