PROTEST ALERT: No Nazi's in Greensboro (Sat. Aug. 29th)

Message from protest organizers:

On August 29th from 10am-6pm the National Socialist Movement (NSM) is having their regional conference in Greensboro. There is an anti-racist unity rally being organized downtown. It is going to start at 3pm at hamburger square / the corner of S.Elm and Mcgee St. hopefully this event brings out all peoples from all over Greensboro.

in solidarity,
GRAF, Greensboro Revolutionary Autonomous Front.


Motives behind the rally:

We believe that organizations like the NSM need to be countered and our "communities" need to be made aware of the situation in order to organize opposition. Ignoring organizations like this gives them more ground to build their organization and potentially give them enough space to gain legitimacy in communities, cities, and peoples minds. Adding to an already tense local situation.

Due to past experiences with openly fascist organizations, they too have the potential to become a problem not only for minorities but also activists/activities of all traditions, tendencies, and political work. If they gain in any city they would add to organized bodies out to divide and destroy communities. The threat of not only having to organize against police brutality but also fascist violence is a possibility. It could potentially become a situation where fascist organizations begin to counter progressive activities in our communities. This is not the case here and now, it is important to keep it that way, and fortunately Greensboro has not had an openly fascist organization counter our activities since the 70s/80s (besides policing agencies).

Fascist organizations are not just disconnected fanatics who have nothing to offer people/the right-wing. Fascism and fascist tendencies are interconnected and disrupt the local struggles whether it is: immigration issues, class issues, police brutality, countering conservative local politics, etc...the connection exists because racism is not only embodied within the extreme right-wing. We think one major goal of this rally is to point out that fascist and racist ideology does not only motivate fascists/klansmen/nazis but also motivates peoples' mindset regarding immigration, poverty, class, community segregation, where people live,etc... All these things are connected.

In the struggle against racism/fascism there is no difference between the police, klan, nazis, conservative pundits,etc.. There are only variations of racism and racist tactics but at its core it amounts to division, potentially fascist/racist violence, and justifications for such police units as the Gang unit. The motives of fascists are racist and the motives of the police are racist. The police as an institution protects the rich and divides the poor. Fascists, the police, and conservative local politicians are cogs in the same machine which maintains this class system.

In the struggle against racism/fascism/police brutality there is no difference between the police, klan, nazis, conservative politicians,etc...There are only variations and tactics on how to approach the problem at hand. We think that when it comes to fascist organizations like the NSM it is important to show strong community opposition, like a rally, so that they do not want to deal with a community that over powers them and unmotivates them to try to organize in Greensboro. Though these racist organizations/institutions are not all the same they operate based on the same assumptions, racist notions, and base their behavior off racist ideologies. We have to counter and organize against it all. This type of organizing is just one little aspect of what is needed in the struggle against racism. We recognize this but would also say that a loose network of people and organizations, who are also engaged in other forms of community organizing, are attempting to build for this rally and we hope for more involvement from other individuals and organizations.

We think that the 1979 massacre and the trial which resulted in not guilty proves that right-wing fanatics, the police, and a larger form of racism, social racism are all interconnected. It was not only the klansmen/nazis that had a hand in the brutality and violence acted out upon "the community" and in a way we think and hope this rally will speak to that fact or at least bring that to light. But also that this rally will not be contained to a small contingent of people or activists as in 79. The CWP was small and "The Death to the Klan" rally was also small, we hope that this rally will be large and diverse enough to drive the point home and keep people safe. The larger demonstrations after 79 in the early 80s seemed to have been amazing and empowering, that is the hopes of next weekend. We highly doubt that this event will bring armed klansmen down anyway, today is not the same social/political environment as 79 and the Klan seem to be quite passive regarding openly organizing. The point this rally wants to make is that Greensboro is a city that sees the connection to racist police agencies, racist laws, and fascism/racism on all levels.

Will the NSM use the media spectacle in hopes of gaining more light to their organization, sure, maybe but that notion is debatable. If a rally was not organized they could use this city's passiveness to their advantage and build a stronger presence in Greensboro potentially becoming a real problem to us all. The NSM and other white power organizers have expressed interest in marching or rallying on November 3rd, 2009 to glorify the 1979 Greensboro Massacre, this cannot be allowed. We hope that the rally and a show of community opposition to the NSM will give them enough reason to not organize for the 30th Anniverseary of the Greensboro Massacre.

Organizing for the rally:

The organizing around the 29th started last week after information about the NSM coming to Greensboro was announced and realizing that a rally was not yet being organized by other community groups, organizations, etc...

Friends, community organizations, etc.. have and are being contacted in hopes of getting people together for the rally. The rally is specifically being organized not only to counter fascism/racism but to also connect Greensboro beyond email lists and other forms of communication, communication through action. The rally is a peaceful gathering of anyone who opposes the above mentioned problem. This rally is being organized in the spirit of safety. The rally is open to all opposing racism and other calls to action have been made regarding the 29th. But again the rally itself is being organized in the spirit of safety. There have been made plenty of calls to action, fliers made, fliers distributed/being distributed, and people and organizations are getting with other organizations and people in hopes to turn this event out. It has been organized on a loose platform against racism/fascism and by a loose network of people contacting who they can so that other organizations and people can join in without having to join or already be active in all or any organizations. In the hopes that people will take this and run with it is one of many goals. Sure there are weaknesses to organizing without a structured organization taking on all the responsibility but this event will hopefully speak for itself, allow people to build on what already exists in Greensboro, and build beyond into the future. It is open to anyone who wants to speak on the connection between the "big picture" and local struggles.

Already there are two people who will be talking on the connection to local racist police brutality and racist immigration policies. If anyone knows of other people or organizations interested in having something to say on the 29th let them know about the call and organizing already going on.


Rally being held at 3pm Saturday, August 29th, S.Elm and Mcgee (Hamburger Square) public property.

A Matter of Safety:

Last year around the same time people where attacked in Greensboro by a group of men with white power connections. So this rally is not just being organized for the above stated reasons but also for peoples' safety. When NSM events and similar events happen in a city that city can become a focal point for racists of all types to gather. Another reason to get people together so that they are not alone on that day is important. These fascist organizations and fascist individuals pose multiple threats and anytime they decide to organize something "the community" needs to be aware, counter their plans, and be together.

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