Prison Blog Post from Travis Bishop - G.I. War Resister

By Travis Bishop, Free Travis Bishop, Fort Hood war resister, Aug. 20, 2009

First off, hello to all those who still support me! Your support, kind words, and well-wishings have truly kept me going through this difficult time.

I want to assure everyone, well-wishers and nay-sayers, that I am still 100% confident that my decision was a smart one. Though I suffer a harsh personal loss, the gain for this movement is incredible. Already I have heard of others who have been influenced by mine and Victor’s decisions and actions, and it warms my heart.

Ultimately, the goal is to end these wars. And keeping that in mind, remember that my decisions are mine and mine alone. My hope is that others learn from mine and Victor’s sacrifices. They are small when compared to the ultimate gain.

To my supporters, Thank You and write me right now while I’m in Bell County even!

To those who think I was coerced, influenced or made to do this, please write me to. I would love to personally explain how I feel.



You can write Travis at: Travis Bishop, Bell County Jail, 113 W. Central Ave., Belton, TX 76513

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