Don't Balance Budgets on the Backs of Public Workers! - 1-800-815-4946

Don't Balance Budgets on the Backs of Public Workers!

State Considers 20-Day Furlough

As the banks and big corporations receive trillions in bailout money, governments are balancing budgets on workers' backs.

There is no fat left on services. Any cuts—like Gov. Perdue's 10-hour furloughs (3% pay cut over 2 months) for all state workers—will be cuts to the bone.

There will be deeper cuts after July 1. There is currently a bill that allows for 20-day furloughs for state workers, which would be nearly a 10% pay cut!

If any furloughs or cuts are necessary, then it should happen at the administrative levels only. Any stimulus money should be used for public jobs, not more privatization.

The root of the budget problem is NC's outdated revenue systems. Proposals will increase the already huge tax breaks for corporations.

The only real chance that workers have to stop the disasters we face is to organize, build our union, make our voices heard, and FIGHT BACK! - 1-800-815-4946

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