March 6: The Stories Behind The Jewish Boat to Gaza

The Stories Behind The Jewish Boat to Gaza

Sunday, March 6 2011
6:30pm - 8:30pm

Providence Road Baptist Church
4921 Randolph Road
Charlotte, NC

Come hear how an international crew consisting of an 82 year old Israeli Holocaust survivor, two Israeli Defense Force members, a founding member of the Bereaved Families Circle, an American whose family are Shoa survivors, and a German Jew by conversion joined a small ship bound for Gaza under the helm of British activist Glyn Secker. Boat Captain Secker and Holocaust survivor Reuven Moskovitz relate how all endured disparagement by their respective countrymen and governments, assault by the Israeli navy, and arrest by the Israeli government. Choosing to uphold fundamental Jewish values over Israeli government policies, their journey and sacrifices are a message of hope, solidarity and peace based on freedom, justice and human rights for all.

Sponsored by

Providence Baptist Church

St. Peter's Catholic Church

Muslim American Society of Charlotte (MAS)

Al-Awda of Charlotte

Amnesty International of Charlotte

Baptist Peace Fellowship North America

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