Seize BP: Make BP & BP Station Owners Fund Cleanup & Compensate Residents

Demand Action to Save The Wildlife & Marine Life & Clean Up This Environmental Catastrophe NOW!!!

Boycott BP & Independent BP Stations Until They Use Profits To Fund Cleanup & Compensate Residents!!

Seize BP's Assets to Fund Clean Up & Pay For ALL Damages - including to workers & businesses!

BP Must Adhere To Environmental & Safety Regulations & Standards NOW!!

What Does The BP "Escrow" Deal Really Mean?

- Seize BP Oil To Pay For Environmental Clean Up & Saving Animals!
- Hands Off Immigrant Workers Cleaning Up Oil Spill
- Reparations to the residents of The Gulf

Independent BP Station Owners That Support BP Are Complicit & Responsible in BP's Crimes!
Owner of BP Station at Randolph Rd & Sharon Amity Rd. in Charlotte, NC Supports BP & Defends BP's Environmental & Safety Violations

Sign inside BP Station window at Randolph Rd & Sharon Amity Rd in Charlotte, NC On June 12

News Reports on the June 12 Protest:

FOX News 18
Politics Daily - AOL
Charlotte Observer

News About BP's Negligence:
Documents reveal BP's missteps before blowout
BP rig's safety valve failed test before oil spill explosion
Leaking Oil Well Lacked Safeguard Device

BP On Wikipedia

Action Center For Justice
charlotteaction [at] gmail [dot] com

Students For A Democratic Society (SDS) - UNCC

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