4 More U.S. Soldiers Killed In Iraq

Of course, the following article in the New York Times neglects to mention the U.S.'s role or the CIA, military intelligence agencies, and private contractors' role in fomenting & committing acts of violence, torture, & murder in Iraq.

Attacks Muddle American Plans to Draw Down in Iraq
By MARC SANTORA,, Sept. 8, 2009

BAGHDAD — In the worst day of violence against American soldiers in Iraq since combat troops moved out of the cities this year, two bombings left four Americans dead, underscoring the dangers troops here still face even as they prepare for their exit from this country.

The American military provided little detail about the attacks, saying only that one soldier was killed in a roadside bombing in southern Baghdad and that three more were killed in another roadside bombing in northern Iraq.

While the American presence here has been greatly diminished, with Iraqis and Americans rarely conducting joint patrols and Iraqis eager to appear in control of their own security, there are still thousands of American soldiers working as advisers inside cities and towns across Iraq. Tens of thousands more are also on the road every night as Americans move equipment and resources in preparation for the large-scale reduction of forces scheduled to begin after January elections here.

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