The Role of the Department of Defense During A Flu Pandemic - government report

CRS Report For Congress, June 4, 2009

From the summary:

With respect to providing support to civil authorities in the United States, the types of defense support which would likely be in greatest demand during a flu pandemic include: providing disease surveillance and laboratory diagnostics; transporting response teams, vaccines, medical equipment, supplies, diagnostic devices, pharmaceuticals and blood products; treating patients; evacuating the ill and injured; processing and tracking patients; providing base and installation support to federal, state, local, and tribal agencies; controlling movement into and out of areas, or across borders, with affected populations; supporting law enforcement; supporting quarantine enforcement; restoring damaged public utilities; and providing mortuary services. Note, however, that DOD’s ability to support these requests would be limited by its national defense and force protection responsibilities. The two principal ways in which defense support could be provided to civil authorities are by way of an “immediate response,” or in response to a formal “request for assistance” (RFA). Additionally, in extreme circumstances the federal government may expedite or suspend the RFA process and initiate a “proactive federal response.”

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