Leonard Peltier Medical Alert

I received a disturbing call from Leonard today. As we know, Leonard has had a scare with prostate cancer. He is now having blood in his urine and he desperately needs to have an oncologist examine him. A general practitioner operating in the prison system is not sufficient; he needs to be seen by a specialist.

Your support with letters and phone calls to the proper officials is greatly needed at this time. The urgency is due to his previous scare of cancer. Only a specialist can determine the state of his health. According to his medical he is supposed to receive an exam every three months, but according to Leonard he has only been seen once a year. How can this be? As everyone knows one examination can give you warning, anyone who has had a prognosis or scare with prostate cancer, you need to see an oncologist and be examined regularly.

He has never received proper medical attentions for his medical problems, unless this problem is addressed by his supporters he will not get this matter taken care of. As we found when he did not have his diabetic supplies last year, until the outcry was so great. Then they could not deny him.

Please ask the warden at Lewisburg Prison to give Leonard Peltier the proper medical attention he has the right to.

Warden Bledsoe ~ Warden for Lewisburg Prison
The prison number is: (570) 523-1251

Fax: 570-522-7745


Lets get him the treatment he deserves.
Kari Ann
Assistant Coordinator
Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee

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