Sheehan leads group of protesters near Bush home

AP, June 8, 2009

DALLAS — Around 50 people joined antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan as she led a brief protest Monday afternoon near former President George W. Bush's Dallas home.

Sheehan's son was killed in the war on Iraq.

The event also brought out about a dozen people protesting the protest and about two dozen members of the media.

The march was sponsored by the Dallas Peace Center, which has been involved in protests with Sheehan since 2005. That year, Sheehan staged a prolonged demonstration outside Bush's ranch near Crawford. She said that her issues with Bush didn't end with his presidency.

"My guess is that the neighbors would probably rather that we not be there," said Trish Major, communications director for the Dallas Peace Center.

"But it's also important to remember this is the neighborhood that welcomed the Bushes warmly, and they knew that by having a person of this stature in their neighborhood, this is something they would have to deal with."

Protesters met at an intersection and then walked about a mile to John J. Pershing Elementary School, across from Bush's new home. Sheehan carried a sign that read, "For what noble cause."

Debbie Valentine, who lives down the street from the Bushes, told The Dallas Morning News, "I understand their right to protest, but this is just disrespectful."

Bush supporters carried signs that said "Pro Bush" and "Go Home Cindy."

Television footage showed children operating a lemonade stand that had been set up near the protest.

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