Open Government Extends Hours

You Can Still Vote After Voting Has Ended!
Hours Extended By Lack of Popular Demand
By David Swanson

The president's open government site was supposed to allow brainstorming through May 28th, but the top policy proposal and third highest ranked proposal overall, as of the end of the 28th, was "End the Imperial Presidency."

It is not too late for you to vote for this proposal.

That's because the Open Government just changed the rules and won't be moving on to phase 2 until June 3rd, and will be leaving phase 1 (brainstorming) open until June 19th. Of course the Open Government had openly announced that the brainstorming would be open only from May 21 to May 28.

Now it is entirely possible that other ideas will move to the top by June 3rd or June 19th (or another date to be announced later - the government's not so open that we know these things).

It's also entirely possible that prosecuting Bush and Cheney and ending the imperial presidency will remain where it is or climb even higher. The outcome is really up to you. How many people can you send this link to?

And remember: you should have an open government but not so open that your imperial powers fall out.

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