How Many Americans Can Picture Rape WITHOUT Seeing Photos?

by David Swanson,, May 29, 2009

It's been five years since Republican and Democratic senators, generals, and reporters told us about the rape photos. We know that there were rapes and photos. We just haven't seen the photos. Are we going to openly tell each other that we can't be upset until we see images? OR WILL WE ACT?

Update on rape photos from Scott Horton:

The Daily Beast has confirmed that the photographs of abuses at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison, which President Obama, in a reversal, decided not to release, depict sexually explicit acts, including a uniformed soldier receiving oral sex from a female prisoner, a government contractor engaged in an act of sodomy with a male prisoner and scenes of forced masturbation, forced exhibition, and penetration involving phosphorous sticks and brooms.

And on video: Gen. Taguba Saw Video of Male Soldier Sodomizing Female Detainee.

Read this: Torture and Truth, by Jonathan Schell.

And this: Busted, Pentagon: Why The Photos Probably Do Show Detainees Sodomized and Raped, by Naomi Wolf.

Also, Levin joins Feingold in saying he's seen the memos Cheney claims he wants and that Cheney is full of Enhanced Dissembling Techniques.


The United Nations thinks we should: U.N. calls U.S. human rights record "deplorable": "A refusal to look back inevitably means moving forward in blindness."

Life After Guantánamo: Lakhdar Boumediene Speaks
By Andy Worthington on Bosnians in Guantanamo

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