AZ State Senator Says Sheriff Arpaio Gives Law Enforcement a Bad Name

The following email was sent to me by AZ State Senator Paula Aboud in response to the letter I sent that is part of the campaign to remove sheriff Arpaio. -David Dixon, Action Center For Justice
Thank you for your email and for your concern about the role the Maricopa County Sheriff is taking here in Arizona and in his leadership role for law enforcement officials.

For myself, I think the sheriff gives law enforcement officials a bad name and he gives Arizona another "black eye". While I know that Director Napolitano will do what is best for the country and for Arizona, I'm not sure that she will engage in a "battle" w/ Arpaio. We'll see what she chooses.

Nevertheless, thanks for your outcry against Arpaio's strategies and for voicing your opinion to me.


Paula Aboud
State Senator
District 28, Tucson
1-800-352-8404 X 6-5262

Appropriations Committee, Ranking Democrat
Health Committee
Education Committee

Senate Democrats are on the Web:

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