Tell the Obama Administration: Drop the Bush political frame-up of Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner and other progressive elected leaders nationwide

Tell the Obama Administration and Congress:
End the Bush Administration's Frame Ups Designed to Politically Assassinate Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner and Other Progressive Elected Leaders!

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Ramsey Clark with Chuck Turner in front of JFK Federal Building, Boston

U.N. Human Rights Award winner Ramsey Clark with Chuck Turner in front of JFK Federal Building in Boston Dec 17, 2008. Clark hailed Turner's over 4 decades of dedicated commitment and action for civil and human rights, demanded charges against him and other elected officials and leaders from oppressed communities around the country be dropped, and called for investigation of those who brought the politically motivated prosecutions. / Hundreds rally to support Chuck Turner in front of Boston City Hall Monday, Nov 24, 2008.
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End the Bush Administration's Politically Motivated Frame Ups of
Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner and Other Progressive Elected Leaders

We urge you to demand that President Obama and Attorney General Holder (with copies to the Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, the New York Times, Congressional Black Caucus, Congressional leaders, the Massachusetts congressional delegation, Gov. Deval Patrick, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, NAACP, and ACLU):

1. Immediately drop the fraudulent charges against Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner, launch investigations of all pending indictments in order to dismiss those that are politically and/or racially motivated, and review all convictions of elected officials during the Bush administration in order to determine whether new trials need to be initiated.
2. Immediately initiate legal actions against all US Attorneys who have set up politically as well as racially motivated, bogus prosecutions, beginning with US Attorney Michael Sullivan who engineered Councilor Turner's frame up.
3. Immediately initiate legislation to end the collusion between prosecutors and media that destroys any opportunity for a fair trial by distributing governmental allegations as evidence before any arraignments, indictments, or trials have taken place.

Please tell President Obama, Attorney General Holder, Congressional leaders, U.N. Secretary General Ban and the media that immediate action is needed to end not only the Bush administration abuses of justice but also the historical pattern of the Justice Department being used to perpetrate racially and politically motivated indictments of political officials, particularly African-Americans.

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Letter from Chuck Turner to progressive activists everywhere
Chuck Turner is a progressive Black Activist (45 year history) and Boston City Councilor (9 years) who has been a consistent tireless fighter against war and racism and every form of injustice for over four decades. The letter below is addressed by Chuck Turner to those who love justice everywhere:

At 6:30 a.m. on November 21 as I worked at my office at Boston City Hall, I was arrested by a squad of 10 FBI agents and Boston Police and dirven handcuffed to Worcester Mass, 45 miles away, for my court hearing.

I was advised by my lawyers that the best legal strategy would be to keep quiet and let them construct the legal strategy that they were convinced would find me innocent. They emphasized that the one charge of extorting $1000 in return for helping to get a liquor license and one charge of conspiracy because of my willingness to hold a hearing on the issue of the lack of liquor licenses for Black restaurants were so weak that when the trial took place in a year or so, I would be found not guilty.

However, keeping quiet is not my style, particularly when the Boston City Council President began action the day I was arrested to remove me from the Council and the media began to try to destroy my reputation by sending around the world pictures of my alleged guilt given to them by U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan. My campaign in what I call the Court of Public Opinion has been so successful that the U.S. on January 5th asked the Judge to issue a gag order on me.

I am asking for you to help my struggle for justice as well as the struggle of all the other elected officials unfairly targeted by the Bush administration as it continued the historical practice of indicting Black and progressive elected officials who were only guilty of Speaking Truth to Power. I believe that as the Obama administration comes into power, it is essential for people in this country and around the world to demand justice by the Justice Department in all these cases. Please help me continue my forty-five year pursuit of Justice for All by signing the online petition at Please also consider contributing to my defense. You can do so at

For more information about me, my campaign for justice, and my work as a Boston City Councilor please go to:

Chuck Turner

International Action Center
c/o Solidarity Center
55 West 17th St #5C
New York, NY 10011

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