Bring ALL the Troops Home Now!

Troops Out Now Coalition

March on the Pentagon - March 21
March on Wall Street - April 3 & 4

Bring ALL the Troops Home Now!
End War and Occupation - Iraq, Afghanistan & Palestine!
Money for Human Needs - NOT War!

The Troops Out Now Coalition condemns the announcement today that Washington plans to keep an occupying force of 50,000 troops in Iraq indefinitely.

In November, the people voted overwhelmingly for an end to war and occupation. The majority of the people of the U.S. - and the world are demanding an end to the war and occupation in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine.

The war against the people of Iraq was launched based on lies about weapons of mass destruction, as a pretext to seize control of the vast oil reserves of the region for the benefit of Wall Street. The Cost of War website estimates that the Iraq war has cost $341.4 million every day - $4,681 per household. On Thursday, the White House announced that it will ask Congress for an additional $75.5 billion this year to pay for war and occupation in Afghanistan and Iraq. This would raise the budget for war for 2009 to $141 billion and increase the Pentagon's 2009 spending to $513.3 billion. This is in addition to the billions of dollars given to Israel every year to continue a brutal war against the Palestinian people.

Right now, more than ever the people need the billions of dollars that are being spent on the illegal occupation of Iraq to be spent on meeting human needs, like jobs, affordable housing, education, and health care. Each day brings news of tens of thousands of layoffs, foreclosures, and evictions. Working people are facing a crisis of historic proportions - we must organize to demand a real bail out for people, not bloated Pentagon budgets and trillion dollar handouts to corrupt CEO's.

Join the Troops Out Now Coalition and many other groups at the March on the Pentagon, Saturday March 21 and then...

National March on Wall Street!
Friday, April 3 - when Wall Street is open for business; continuing to Saturday, April 4 - at the Intersection of Wall & Broad Streets (The Stock Exchange).

Join us in the streets to
  • Bring ALL the Troops Home Now!
  • No new troops to Afghanistan!
  • Money for Human Needs Not War!
  • End Occupation - Iraq, Afghanistan & Palestine

For more information or to get involved, go to

In the Charlotte, NC area contact Action Center For Justice at charlotteaction [at] or see

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