Sun., Feb 1 Speech "A New Beginning" by Minister Yusuf Muhammad

11:00 am
Muhammad Mosque No. 36
203 N Cloudman St.
Charlotte, NC 28212

I recently had a meeting with Jibril Hough and Minister Yusuf Muhammad
from Muhammad Mosque No. 36 (203 N Cloudman St. Charlotte, NC 28212).
For those of us who attended the Rally for Peace in Gaza, on Jan.
3rd , will most likely remember Minister Mohammad's inspirational and
insightful speech.

Our meeting today was to discuss the need to create a relationship based on unity and solidarity between the African American Community and the Palestinian/ Arab and Muslim
community of Charlotte.

I was greatly impressed by Minister Muhammad's sincere calling for a unity between our two communities. Minister Mohammad had been to occupied Palestine and had seen firsthand the miserable conditions of the besieged people of Palestine. Therefore, Minister Mohammad had already taken the initiative to learn about our struggle by traveling to Palestine and observing real facts on the ground.

It is time for our community to reach out to our sisters and brothers from the African American Community and learn about their history of struggle, from the Transatlantic Trade, to chattel slavery, to Jim Crow rules of complete separation to the Civil Rights movements and to their continuing struggle at present. For this reason, Brother Minister Mohammad has agreed to invite us to his Mosque this Sunday as he will be delivering a special speech on the importance of our unity. The title of his speech will be "A New Beginning." I urge all of us to attend this event as we are hoping for it to be a true beginning for both of our communities to learn from and help each other.

In Solidarity with peace and Justice,
Khalid Hijazi, Al-Awda - Charlotte

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