Rachel's Words: URGENT, FROM GAZA

As Gaza is under horrific attack, Fida Qishta and other volunteers are working to send stories and pictures out to the world. Fida breaks the siege virtually, every day, as a citizen journalist. This is crucially important now while the international press is denied access to Gaza. Please help us support this important work. We will supply cameras, tapes, and equipment. Please consider making a $5 donation now to Rachel's Words. (Tax deductible info below.)

March 16th will be the 6th anniversary of Rachel Corrie's death. Fida says the six-year-olds in Rafah have never experienced anything as terrifying as what is happening now. We'll provide background information below, and additional links with many different ways to support Gaza. Please act now - but don't forget Gaza when the current crisis is over.

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Rachel's Words
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Fida Qishta is a 23-year-old teacher and independent journalist who lives in Rafah, Gaza Strip. Fida knew Rachel Corrie. When Fida organized some women to be on call around the clock - to help salvage people's belongings from their homes before demolition - she named the group "Rachel's Way." As the local ISM coordinator in Rafah, Fida continues the work that Rachel was engaged in.

Fida founded the Lifemakers Center, providing several hundred children with a place to learn and play in Rafah. Her greatest concern is the collective trauma of Gaza's children. When she's not at the Center, Fida documents events at the hospitals, schools, homes, fishing boats - and in her own neighborhood. Fida writes a blog from her home. Her previous house was demolished; for over a year her family lived in a rented room connected to a building outdoors, with no facilities. During this period she was invited by the Rachel Corrie Foundation on a U.S. speaking tour.

In the last year she formed "Gaza Eyes Open," networking with other citizen and professional journalists, sharing skills, and bringing us news of daily life in Gaza. When we compiled a list of equipment to start the project, Fida added "chalk," for the Lifemakers Center - there was no chalk in Gaza because of the siege.

Videos by Fida:
Bombing of pharmacy in Rafah, Gaza Strip - 28th December 2008
28 December, attack in Gaza Strip - bombings in Rafah continue
Israeli Navy attacks Gaza Fishermen and Internationals

Articles by Fida:
We love the sun. So we sat outside to see the F16s bombing Rafah

The Observer, January 11, 2009

Eyewitness: Fida Qishta on the Crisis in Gaza
The Guardian, January 3, 2009

Fida on Democracy Now!
December 29, 2008

Gaza's "bigger holocaust"
IMEU, March 9, 2008

Fida's Blog:

Free Gaza Movement
International Solidarity Movement
Electronic Intifada

Grassroots International
Red Crescent
United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) emergency appeal


Israel: Boycott, Divest, Sanction
By Naomi Klein, The Nation, January 7, 2009

For support and contacts of people in Gaza or to volunteer, please contact the Palestinian Center for Rapprochement Between People, via, or call 989-607-9480 (from the US and Canada) or 972 2277 2018 (from other places)

For more information, actions you can take to spread Rachel's words, and updates on efforts to bring the play "My Name Is Rachel Corrie" around the world, visit

Please consider a financial donation to the effort. You can donate online securely at

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