Jan. 11 Free Palestine Protesters Shut Down Pro-U.S./Israeli War Rally

David Dixon, Charlotte Free Gaza Movement, Jan. 11, 2009

Charlotte NC - On Jan. 11, over 100 people, mostly Muslim & Palestinian, including many students & children, marched through uptown Charlotte to a Pro-Israel Rally & held a loud protest across the street.

Chants included "Shame, Shame Israel," "Stop The Killing, Stop The Crime," "Free Free Palestine," "Baby Killers You Will See, Palestine Will Be Free," "Olmert, Olmert You Should Know, Back To Palestine We Will Go," "Gaza Gaza Don't You Cry, Palestine Will Never Die," "Occupation Is A Crime, Free, Free Palestine," "Stop Killing Children," "Stop Supporting Israel," "From The River To The Sea, Palestine Will Be Free," "Long Live Palestine," and others.

The Pro-Israel supporters got riled up and yelled curses and insults at the protesters. A couple of the Pro-U.S./Israeli War people gave their middle finger to women & children, showing their true colors (the Pro-Israel people supposedly held a peace rally according to local media).

The Free Palestine protesters stood firm and drowned out the Pro Israel Rally with the truth. It wasn't long before the Pro-Israel Rally began to break up with some of the participants dropping their signs & little plastic Israeli flags on the ground.

Free Palestine protesters began taunting them with loud chants of "Baby Killers Came To Town, We Came & Shut Them Down!" After the Pro-Israel Rally abruptly dispersed, protesters chanted, "The People United Will Never Be Defeated."

They then marched through uptown, chanting loudly, & held a spirited rally at Bobcat Arena where some type of an evangelical christian rival was going on.

There was a lot of support for the Free Palestine protest from people walking and driving by.

Participants then made plans to hold the next Charlotte demonstration for Gaza, Palestine on Jan. 13 at Cotswold Mall starting at 6pm. For info call 704-492-5226 or email

The event was sponsored by The Charlotte Free Gaza Movement; Al-Awda, Palestine Right To Return Coalition; Muslim American Society-Freedom, Charlotte; Islamic Political Party Of America; Action Center For Justice; Students For A Democratic Society-UNCC; Jibril Hough, Spokesperson, Islamic Center Of Charlotte; & others.

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