Sept. 27: Money for Jobs, Health Care, and Education, Not War and Occupation!

NO October Surprise...NOT Another War...NO October Surprise...NOT Another War
Stop War on Iran
September 27
International Day of Action to Stop War on Iran!
Help build locally-coordinated actions in 100 cities
March, rally, speak out, picket, teach-ins - in cities large or small, campuses & schools
what you do can make a difference

Stop the War on Iran before it starts!

Money for Jobs, HealthCare, and Education, Not War and Occupation!

  • Stop War on Iran!
  • U.S. Out of Iraq & Afghanistan
  • No U.S. attack on Iran through Israel
  • No to all U.S./NATO war threats
  • Money for human needs, not war!

In Charlotte, NC:

Demonstration at 1:oo pm
Sharon Rd & Morrison Blvd
(near Rep. Sue Myricks office)

Initiated by Students For A Democratic Society (SDS)-UNCC
& Action Center For Justice

Info: 704.492.5226 or

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The Bush administration is using the election as a cover, as it increases threats against Iran. It has quietly assembled the largest naval armada in one place since World War II - in the Persian Gulf, with guns aimed at Iran.

They have now deployed 18 NATO ships to the Black Sea and raised threats against Russia, while opening a new front of bombing attacks. Meanwhile, no troops have been withdrawn from the disastrous wars in Iraq & Afghanistan.

There are always billions of dollars for war and billions more to bail out the big banks and mortgage companies, but no assistance for the 600,000 working people laid off this year, or the 2 million small homeowners being foreclosed in record numbers, or the more the 50 million people without health care.

We need money for jobs and housing - not for another war!

While the situation is growing dire for many, Washington's cutbacks in domestic programs continue. The fiscal year beginning on October 1 will bring drastic cuts. A new U.S. war will bring only more suffering here as well as massive destruction abroad.

The recent Hurricane Gustav highlighted the failure of Washington to do anything to rebuild the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Three years after the disaster, thousands of people are still homeless, as the money that could have been spent on meeting human needs has gone to fund the Pentagon and the agenda of endless war. Every social program and every aspect of the economy has been impacted by the billions of dollars wasted on war.

We must take action now! Here are some ways you can help:

Organize a local September 27 action to Stop War On Iran, whether it is a march or rally, speak-out, picket line, walk-out, or teach-in--in cities large or small. What you do can make a difference. List your action at, so activists in your area can contact you and get involved.

Make a donation to help with vital mobilizing expenses for September 27 protests and to help this movement grow.
Or contribute to campaigns to get the truth out about the war danger by literature production, international emails and holding meetings. You can donation online at

This campaign is truly dependent on grass-roots donations from all over the country; this is how every leaflet, sign, mailing and newsletter—every expense—is funded. We can only do what our supporters enable us to do.

Donate online at

All of our volunteer staff and organizers thank you for your continued support and dedication to the campaign to prevent a new war in Iran or anywhere else.
In solidarity and with our appreciation,
Stop War on Iran staff and national organizers
Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran:
Who Pays? Who Profits?

  • Almost 4,200 U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq, and nearly 900 in Afghanistan. No one on the Board of Directors of Halliburton, Exxon or Morgan Stanley has lost a daughter or son in these wars, because the troops are drawn from working class families and disproportionately from communities of color. The Pentagon takes advantage of the lack of educational and employment opportunities to target these communities with false promises of college money and job training.
  • Many vets returning from Iraq & Afghanistan are suffering from physical and psychological injuries, only to find that veterans' hospitals are being shut down, programs are being cut, and facilities are filthy, under-equipped and understaffed.
  • According to, the Iraq war has cost more than $550 billion. This money has been stolen robbed from working people. We need this money for schools, job training, health care, repairing our crumbling infrastructure, rebuilding the Gulf Coast, and much more.
  • While oil companies are making record profits, the price of gas, heating oil, groceries, and other necessities is skyrocketing.
  • Meanwhile, the foreclosures and evictions crisis is growing. Washington is spending billions on war and on bailing out banks, while working people are being thrown out of their homes.
  • Especially during difficult economic times, Wall Street and the corporate media work overtime to divide us. They want us to blame the people of Iraq or Iran or immigrant workers for the crisis, instead of uniting against the corporations who profit while working people bleed. Now, more than ever, we need to stand in solidarity against racism, sexism, anti-LGBT bigotry, and anything else they use to attempt to divide us.

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