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CODEPINK: Women For Peace, July 10, 2008

We recently asked our friends in Iran to send messages we could bring to Congress as we work tirelessly to stop the next war now. Here is one we received:
I am from IRAN. My neighbor to the east, AFGHANISTAN, does not remember one year without war in 50 years, and my neighbor to the west, IRAQ, is covered with blood. Now it looks like the time has come for my country--IRAN. What can I do to save my family? What can I do to save my home, to save my country?

I can do nothing. What about you?
We are haunted by this question, and strive to do whatever we can to protect our sisters and brothers in Iran as President Bush rattles his saber in their direction. This Wednesday, our CODEPINK flotilla staged a "peace blockade" around the Washington DC houseboat of Congressman Gary Ackerman (see press release here!). Ackerman, who just last year told us he'd love to go to Iran and get on a bicycle to promote peace, has proposed House Resolution 362, a naval blockade of Iran that sets us on the path to war. On Thursday, in DC and in Cong. Ackerman's home office in New York, we will stage a sit-in calling on him to withdraw the resolution.

You can join our sit-in from the comfort of your own home. Call Representative Ackerman today, (202-225-2601) and urge him to withdraw H. Con. Res. 362 and promote diplomacy, not war. Your calls will strengthen the impact of our direct action, and will help Ackerman and the rest of Congress understand that the American people want to avoid another tragic and unnecessary war.

Please also sign our petition to Barack Obama, asking the presumptive Democratic nominee to pursue diplomacy with Iran and speak out against any acts of war by the Bush administration. Read and sign our petition here.

When our friends in Iran ask us again what we are doing to protect their country, we can say we added our names, added our voices, to the collective call for peace.

Thank you for adding your own name, your own voice.

With peace and hope,
Alicia, Anne, Dana, Deidra, Desiree, Farida, Gael, Gayle, Jean, Jodie, Liz, Lori, Medea, Nancy, Rae, Sarah and Tighe

P.S. If you want to step out of the comfort of your own home to stop the next war now, please consider joining one of our sister organization Global Exchange's reality tours to Iran. This life changing journey will open your eyes and heart and mind and give you important tools to counter the arguments for war.

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