Take Action June 19th for Health Care Justice!

Healthcare-NOW! is sponsoring Nationwide Protests across the country on June 19th! We need to emancipate ourselves from these corporations! On June 19th, 2008, the American Health Insurance Plans (the trade group of the thousands of insurance company executives) will have their annual meeting in San Francisco. June 19th is also the national day of celebration of the emancipation from slavery for millions of Americans. Healthcare-NOW will be combining activities on both. Healthcare-NOW, and hundreds of other organizations, is holding events nationwide, in as many as 18 cities, both celebrating the official end of slavery and challenging the corporate enslavement of our health care system. Healthcare-NOW and thousands of othercities, counties, state governments, and labor unions have endorsed and support H.R. 676, a national guaranteed healthcare system that will cover everybody without co-pays, deductibles, premiums or denials.

Demonstrations will be held in 18 cities across the country!

Demonstrations will be held in front of the largest and wealthiest multi-billion dollar companies exposing and indicting their practices that have, for so long, kept us from having a national health insurance plan with equality for all in this nation with no financial barriers to care. San Francisco, CA: The largest demonstration, sponsored by hundreds of organizations including the California Nurses Association and the California Universal Health Care Organizing Project is leading the nation to expose the American Health Insurance Plans at their national conference in San Francisco on June 19th. More than 38,000 insurance company executives are expected to attend.

Health Care YES! Private Health Insurance NO!
Guaranteed, Single-Payer Health Care NOW!

Join San Francisco in solidarity to protest the insurance companies around the country!

Find a protest near you! Specific protest information (times and locations) can be found here.

San Francisco, Mosconi Center, 1PM, Bill Gallagher:
Baltimore, Care First Blue Cross, 5PM, Rod Ryon:
Philadelphia and Camden, Cigna, Kathleen Casey:
Pittsburgh, Highmark/Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Sandy Fox:
Minnetonka, MN, Stockholder’s Meeting of United Health Care, Joel Albers:
Oklahoma City, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Reggie Cervantes:
Louisville, KY, Humana, Kay Tillow:
Jacksonville, FL, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, 5PM, Mark Piotrowski:
Chicago, IL, Cigna, Jill:
Indianapolis, IN, Wellpoint Shareholder’s Meeting (May), Cindy Calley:
San Antonio, TX, Humana Insurance Co, 6PM, Jane Lee Cantu:
Newark, NJ, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, 12PM, Ray Stever:
Atlanta, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, 3PM, Margie Rece:
New York City, GHI and United Health 5PM, Billy Wharton:
St. Louis, MO, Julia Lamborne,
Albany, NY, Leo O'Brien Federal Building, 5PM, Mike Keenan:
Boston, MA Association of Health Care Plans, Janet Hand:

Healthcare Now!

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