Cleveland 5 set to speak at UNCC

The Cleveland 5 will be at UNCC talking about their stories dealing with unions.

Monday, April 14 at 7:00pm at UNC-Charlotte in the Lucas Room.

UAW-FREIGHTLINER leave wounded soldiers in the field!
A message from the Cleveland 5

We are members of United Auto Workers (UAW) local 3520, Cleveland, NC. We are also some of the top officials of our Local Union.

We are/were employed by Freightliner LLC, at the Freightliner Truck Manufacturing Plant in Cleveland, N.C. On April 3, 2007 (5) five of our Bargaining Committee members were terminated along with (6) six other members of our Union for participating in protected concerted Union activities. At the time of our terminations our Collective Bargaining Agreement had expired. Our Local Strike Committee voted to strike. Striking is a right afforded to a Union by the National Labor Relations Act. Our Employer targeted us because we stand for justice and equality for all. We work diligently for our Brothers and Sisters. The International UAW informed us that the company in essence terminated us because we were “difficult at the bargaining table.” For more detailed information please visit our website.

Resolution we are seeking: Reinstatement to our jobs and to be made whole (back pay and all benefits restored that were taken away). We have been ostracized from our local and International Union. This organization that we have faithfully contributed blood, sweat and tears to needs to stop the vindictive actions and stand “In Solidarity” with us.

We are interested in speaking with our Union Brothers and Sisters about this struggle and the difficulties in organizing the South (North Carolina is only 3% Unionized). Example resolutions that are being adopted nationally on our behalf are available on our website for download at We can be contacted @ 980-234-0706 or 704-597-2564.

Action request: Our Unemployment benefits expired in October of 2007. Freightliner agreed to expedite our arbitration (6 to 8 weeks). It has been 12 months and we are still waiting!

Woody Woodard- Statesville NC branch NAACP, President is the administrator of a Solidarity Fund. Donations can be made via paypal on our website or they can be mailed to: justice4five fund- P.O. Box 5144; Statesville, NC 28687.

The outcome of this struggle could very well be the bench mark for organizing in the south. Who will join Unions if they can’t protect members?

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