April 22, 2008 Men to Men – Heart to Heart Sessions

6:30PM-8:30PM at The Coffee Cup, 301 S. McDowell St (Cameron Brown Building), Charlotte. Machismo, bravado, swagger, pride, and ego, are just a few of the many words men hide behind rather than face forthrightly the too often bleak realities of life. Yet, one can hide for so long before coming to the realization that facing up to life's challenges will bring about the much prayed for change in the quality of one's life. Creative Interchange has collaborated with the Coffee Cup to create a venue where men can meet twice a month to take a look at the man in the mirror and engage in conversations that go beyond women, sports, and entertainment. Conversations that delve into the very essence of what a "man" is and how he relates to humanity in general and himself, in particular. If these words find a place in your spirit then set aside a couple of hours, $10.00 ,and join other men who are also on the path to having a greater sense of life's purpose for them.
Join us as men come together to discuss heartfelt issues that demand that we ask of ourselves, "Who Am I?" "Am I Really Who I Am?" and "Am I All Ought to Be?"

Donation of $10 includes food for your mind, soul as well as the tempting delights of Coffee Cup cuisine guaranteed to satiate even the most voracious appetite. RSVP,, 704-537-1533.

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