Muslim Children Hold Vigil for Gaza in Greensboro, North Carolina

Ali Ahmead

Muslims from the Islamic Center of the Triad, ICT, held vigils to create awareness of the massacre committed by Israel in Gaza. The first vigil was in downtown Greenboro on March 5 in front of the Federal Building. The second vigil, on March 6, was at the intersection of Friendly and Guilford College. The college is Quaker oriented and the protestors received "honking" support from numerous passing motorists.

The children of the Muslim community played a central role in creating excitement and involvement in the vigils. The children also displayed and took out a "funeral" of Gaza to highlight the genocidal attacks of Israel on defenseless Palestinians.

The vigils were reported by an African-American publication known as the Carolina Peace Maker.

The Islamic Center of the Triad has set a good example for U.S. muslims to follow. Leader Imam Badi and his committee of youths and elders deserve congratulations for this successful effort.

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