March 20: Five Years of War and War Crimes--End the Occupation!

Rally Downtown Greensboro, corner Eugene and Lee
4:30 pm, Thursday, March 20

The students of Greensboro NC and the organizers and supporters of World Can't Wait refuse to be silent on the fifth year of lies, occupation, and war crimes. The 2008 elections are just over the horizon and yet, and yet... the war still has no end in
sight... We hear of shifting troops, and phased withdrawal, but with as much lip-service as is payed to anti-war candidacy, we are still told that it would be "irresponsible" to put actual time constraints on ending the occupation, or even a sizable withdrawal. Mere echoes of 2006.

Join us in creating a visible resistance to war. A bold inspirational movement that can show the Government what we want, one that can inspire our troops to resist, and one that can show the rest of the world that the United States does care, and will not stand by complacently while crimes are committed in our name.

Thursday March 20th the UNCG Anti-War Coalition will be leading
a walk-out from multiple schools in protest of the 5th Anniversary of the Iraq War. UNCG students and anyone who wishes to join will meet at the Dining Hall Atrium at 3pm. From there we will head downtown to Representative Mel Watt's office where we will deliver him stop-loss orders (the involuntary extension of a service member's enlistment contract in order to retain them beyond the normal end term of service in the War) and meet up with marches from other schools and The World Can't Wait. From there we will march through downtown (on the sidewalks) to the corner of Eugene and Lee St. for a speak-out/rally. The rally will formally start at 4:30 (but we may arrive earlier) and will go until 6:00pm.

We look forward to seeing everyone!

- The Organizers of the UNCG Anti-War Coalition and The Organizers of The World Can't Wait

Who: UNCG Campus Anti-War Coalition and The World Cant Wait

What: Class walk-out, march and rally in protest of the 5th Anniversary of the Iraq War

Where: (rally): Corner of Eugene and Lee Streets (UNCG students will leave class and meet in the Dining Hall Atrium at 3 p.m., then march downtown to meet up with students from other campuses)

When: (rally): 4:30-6 p.m. Thursday, March 20

For more information, contact Sam Sullivan at or 965-2779.

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