Wed., Feb. 13th CODEPINK Peace Vigils

East Blvd & Scott Ave from 5:30-6:30,
AND corner of Queens & Providence from 5:30-6:30

I hope you all are working on your cupid outfits! Looking forward to a fun and poignant vigil evening on Wednesday. As much as I celebrate the dedication of the pink vigilants to come out every week for the past year, I am saddened that the war continues.

Come out and stand with us this week always, in solidarity for peace.

* "MAKE OUT NOT WAR" "Love the troops, Hate the War" "MAKE LOVE NOT WAR" "DROP ROSES NOT BOMBS" ...etc. Cupids Welcome Bring your honey and make out! Chocolate kisses are fun to pass out too.

All you need is love... More info:

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