The Head of the Snake of the Queen Has Raised It's Head - They Have Their White Sheriff

by Sylvia L. Grier, Millions More Movement - Charlotte
Feb. 6, 2008

Yeah, the Head of the Snake is Exposed.

Yes, Charlotte has had the hidden secret of "blatant racism". It was always our little, very little talked about secret, racism. This blatant racism we have lived with for the life of our "Queen City".

Only one black hospital ever, now there sits a football stadium. Yes, we love the Panthers. Who of us contractually benefited from that stadium or the Bobcats, or any projects, City, County or CMS spending budgets?

But, there is always a reason that "economic racism" is never discussed, here in Charlotte. Those that are making what they think is their share, have no complaints. Those that settle for the crumbs, rather than the meat, have no complaints. Those that find reason not to bring others with them have nothing to say. Those that sell our community down the creek for a nickel or a dime, must think it is okay. They continue to do it. Those of us that put a foot on each others necks are no different than those others that put a foot on our necks. Yet, there is no resolve.

The First Ward Urban Renewal destroyed over 1000 homeowners and over 267 black businesses, back in the day, ie. City of Charlotte's 1993 Disparity Study. It is my understanding a few made money. Yet, even with the 1993 Disparity Study that provides a basis for "class action", there is/was and never has been any action at all. But, there's a project that will re-name the Brooklyn Area. Think what may have happened if the first folk, our folk, had been left to live their lives and raise their families in their homes and businesses, there would be no reason to "re-name.

Our media, for it is we that pay the Charlotte Observer's bills, is the worst when it comes to their contribution out of all of the racist media. Channel Nine is saying that Obama and Clinton tied in Super Tuesday. How is 8 to 11 a tie? What if the numbers were reversed? Yet, we live without concern in the Queen City of Charlotte, North Carolina and no voice. Elections are in May and November. That is our voice.

I hear across the county that racial discrimination towards our African American Communities it blatant, all over. Well, that does not help my headache towards racial discrimination here in Charlotte the Queen City of North Carolina. It does not make it right.

Those that come here from the North are usually surprised as to how complacent we are in the South. It used to be a time, they told us in the Black Contractor Community, that if we complained and called it racism, we would be black balled and not get business. Well, we did not complain and yet our balls and books stay in the "red" and we still do not get business. We did not complain. We did not "stay" organized. And we still do not get the business.

There is no parity in Charlotte. There are no equal opportunities here in Charlotte.

We, those of us that want to know the truth and know others that want to know the truth, should provide the facts.

Nick Mackey's Campaign did nothing wrong. They followed the process that was provided to them. The same process that replaced Jim Black, Speaker of the House. It is the same process that has been used for every election campaign for history. It is the same process that was never "so broken" until the process elected a Black Sheriff by a 2 to 1 vote.

Again, the Democratic System was never so broken until we elected a Black Sheriff. If it was the point to have the white guy in place, why put us through all of this drama? If that was the goal, what was the point? If the State Party is taking over, we need a local. Please find folk will to do the right thing. Locate them by Friday (deadline to apply to NC Democratic Party to be a "temporary precinct chair".-ACJ)

It was asked if I knew where the complaint came from? I was told that those that complained are on the Democratic Website. Again, I know that there are those without the best interest in our communities that will assist in discrimination. Just like I am saying, there are those that think it is okay. I say and have said, this backslide of racism will/should set us back 50 years in the "racial discrimination efforts" of Charlotte. Then, is there any effort to bring parity to our communities? No! I think we tried that and folk said it was too hard and most did not care for such an effort. We put a lot of money into that effort. Wasn't it the Foundation of the Carolinas? And, yet it continues to be there. That's Charlotte.

Well, for those that did not know, you know now. Blatant Racism is common every day in the Queen City of Charlotte, North Carolina. Our Mecklenburg County Commissioners slapped us in the face with it.

I don't mind saying because as was said years ago, "that's why nobody likes me". "The Truth Is the Light"!

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