A Divine Love

Ahmad Daniels, Creative Interchange, Feb. 19, 2008

Every now and then I encounter a poem that captivates my imagination and titillates the strings of my heart. DIVINE LOVE, composed by E. Burton Miller, Director of African American Resources Center at Howard University, is such a poem. Mr. Miller has an ability to weave together memorable characteristics of persons who have left their mark in history books and in our hearts. His words take the reader through a panoramic sojourn of some of history's greatest. He does it with such glowing passion and depth of sensitivity that I found myself coming to appreciate each and every person mentioned in a new way. It is my sincere desire that this lovely poem moves something deep inside of you as it has me.

You can hear Mr. Miller reading his poem by visiting storyId=19128143&sc=emaf. His recitation of Divine Love comes eight minutes into a 10 minute interview with him and another essayist. I dedicate this poem to all that know love or are presently seeking its spiritual fulfillment. Asante Sana.

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