CODEPINK Day of Action - Restore the Constitution

Tuesday, March 18th 2008 9am-1pm
Washington, DC

9 am Meet Up: CODEPINK House
712 5th Street NE, 20002 - between G and H (Union Station Metro)

George W. Bush's administration has pushed us to the brink of a constitutional crisis. The checks and balances that undergird our democracy are no longer. Wake up America, it's our time to defend and preserve the Constitution, our founding document, before we're no longer allowed. The day's activity will remind us that everything that has been taken away or atrophied can be returned and renewed. This is our moment to lament, protest, wail, mourn and rage. Let our tears, laughter and songs drown the failures of our government. Let's renew our faith that real democracy and social justice are possible. Congress has not represented us. The Dept of Justice and its Security branches have not protected us, the Executive Branch has lied to us, taxes have underserved us, the Dept of State has failed us, the Pentagon has cheated us, and the courts are not separate...The "heroic medicine" to heal and protect our nation can only come when true patriots act. Get inspired, walk, swirl, yell, dance and sing what you expect from your government.

10am Archives Press Conference
10:30 Dept of Justice - Clean it up!
11am I.R.S. - Not with our tax dollars!
11:30 F.B.I.- Investigate, Indict, Incarcerate!
12pm Federal Court - Restore Habeas Corpus!
12:30 Newseum - Media is complicit!
1pm Capitol Reflecting Pool - Renewal and Recommitment...

Panel of Constitutional Experts and Whistleblowers with Inspiring Artistic Performance
Tuesday, March 18th 2008 7-9pm
Speakers and performances.

More details coming soon...

Please consider extending your stay for direct action, political events, trainings and the 3 days in witness of Iraq Veterans Against the War’s Winter Soldier testimonials prior to March 18th and a massive nonviolent, direct-action on the 19th, followed by a slammin' poetry festival! View the calendar for all of the actions and events in DC during this week.

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